CAROUSEL Chamber Music Ensemble


The Brussels chamber music ensemble CAROUSEL gathers twelve outstanding young musicians around the award-winning Belgian clarinettist Annelien Van Wauwe. The musicians come from six European countries and are all sought-after chamber musicians and soloists.

The 12 members of CAROUSEL have won prizes at renowned competitions such as the ARD International Music Competition in Munich, the International Tchaikovsky Competition, the Borletti Buitoni Trust Awardthe USA International Harp Competition, the Opus Klassik Award, the Aeolous Competition Düsseldorf, the Bottessini Competition and the German Music Competition.

CAROUSEL Chamber Music Ensemble was founded in 2019 by Annelien Van Wauwe and has performed – among others – at the Concertgebouw Brugge, the Festival 20/21 Leuven, the Festival van Vlaanderen Ghent, de Singel Antwerp, Bagno Konzertgalerie, Summerwinds, 30 cc Leuven, cc Maasmechelen, cc Blankenberge, cc Roeselare and cc Hasselt. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ensemble organised a self-supported ‘corona-proof’ concert series in Leuven for a live audience. CAROUSEL will make its UK debut in the Wigmore Hall London in June 2022.

The ensemble aims to bring its core philosophy of togetherness closer to its audience and to break down cultural barriers through music.
CAROUSEL strives to create a close bond between its members and its audience and therefor organises ‘Very Important Passenger’ events.

CAROUSEL takes you on a lively, joyful, passionate and enthusiastic musical ride!

The Ensemble’s 12 different chamber music programmes are flexible, varying from trio to octet and offering a broad repertoire.




BREEZE Woodwind Quintet


BREEZE unites five young distinguished musicians to pursue a singular artistic vision: reimagining the wind music experience. The ensemble was newly established by five members of the CAROUSEL Chamber Music Ensemble as a playing field for fearless exploration of what may be the future of classical music.

The five wind soloists are prize winners of renowned international competitions such as the ARD Music Competition, the Tchaikovsky Competition, or the German National Music Competition.

It is the quintet’s aspiration to reinvent the traditional concert format by collaborating with young and ambitious composers, other musicians of any genre, gender or nationality as well as performers of any other art form such as visual arts, dance or theatre in order to provide space for adventure and creativity.

BREEZE understands itself as a think tank for artistic research.

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  1. Henderickx’s basset clarinet concerto SUTRA


Wim Henderickx’s clarinet concerto SUTRA for basset clarinet in A, orchestra and (optional) electronics has been commissioned by BBC Radio 3 and the Borletti-Buitoni Trust. The premiere took place on 31st of March 2022 with Annelien Van Wauwe and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra under Martyn Brabbins at the City Halls in Glasgow. SUTRA is dedicated to Annelien, and has four parts:

I Pranayama: breath of life
II Dhyana: meditation
III Dharana: mind concentration
IV Samadhi: intense spiritual union

Throughout the work, the electronics (developed by Jorrit Tamminga) create a spatial atmosphere, providing resonance between the orchestra and the soloist and unifying the separate parts of the concerto to a whole. With SUTRA Henderickx wishes to go beyond the dimensions of a traditional clarinet concerto. The concerto offers both an intense dialogue between the soloist and the orchestra and creates a profound connection between the performers and the audience through sound vibration.


The Yoga Sutras as expounded by the sage Patanjali Maharishi comprise of the first and foremost scriptures of Yoga. It was Patanjali who carefully coordinated Yogic thought and explained it to his students. As he expressed these thoughts, his students jotted them down in a sort of shorthand using just a few words which came to be called the sutras. 

The literal meaning of the word ‘sutra’ is ‘thread’; and these sutras are just combinations of words threaded together – usually not even well-formed sentences with subjects, predicates and so on. Within the space of these two hundred short sutras, the entire science of Yoga is clearly delineated: its aim, the necessary practices, the obstacles yogis may meet along the path, their removal, and precise descriptions of the results that will be obtained from such practices.

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modern clarinet & orchestra

Kalevi Aho: clarinet concerto  (2007)

Malcolm Arnold: clarinet concerto Nr. 2

Luigi Bassi: fantasia da concerto Rigoletto

Johannes Brahms: sonata for piano and clarinet Op. 120 Nr.1 F minor (arr. Luciano Berio)

Dirk Brossé: war concerto (2019)

Max Bruch: concerto for clarinet, viola and orchestra Op. 88

Ferruccio Busoni: concertino

Eliott Carter: clarinet concerto (1996)

Ernest Chausson: andante et allegro (arr. Jelle Tassyns)

Aaron Copland: concerto for clarinet, string orchestra, piano and harp

Claude Debussy: première rhapsodie pour clarinette et orchestre

Edison Denisow: clarinet concerto (1989)

Péter Eötvös: Levitation for two clarinets and string orchestra (2007)

Gerald Finzi: clarinet concerto Op. 31

Jean Françaix: concerto for clarinet

Karl Amadeus Hartmann: chamber concerto for clarinet, string quartet and string orchestra

Wim Henderickx: new commission ‘Sutra’ for orchestra, clarinet and electronics (2022-23)

Paul Hindemith: clarinet concerto

Toshio Hosokawa: Metamorphoses (clarinet, string orchestra and percussion)

Magnus Lindberg: clarinet concerto

Witold Lutoslawski: dance preludes (arrangement for clarinet and orchestra)

James MacMillan: Tuireadh clarinet and string orchestra (1991, arr. 1995)

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: concert pieces for clarinet, basset horn and orchestra Op. 113&114

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: concerto for basset clarinet and orchestra A Major KV 622

  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sinfonia Concertante for four winds in Eflat major KV 297b *

Carl Nielsen: concerto for clarinet and orchestra Op. 57

Krzysztof Penderecki: clarinet concerto (1983)

Gabriël Pierné: canzonetta (arr. Jelle Tassyns)

Sergeij Prokofieff: sonata for flute and piano D major Op. 94  (arr. Kent Kennan)

Julius Rietz: clarinet concerto in G minor Op. 29

Giacomo Rossini: introduction, theme & variations

Kaija Saariaho: D’om le vrai sens (2010)

Richard Strauss: duet concertino for bassoon, clarinet, harp and strings TrV 293

Toru Takemitsu: fantasma/cantos

Alexandre Tansman: concerto

Mark-Anthony Turnage: Riffs and Refrains (2003)

Manfred Trojahn: rhapsodie

Mieczyslaw Weinberg: clarinet concerto Op. 104

Carl Maria von Weber: concertino in Eflat Major Op. 26

Carl Maria von Weber: quintet for clarinet and string orchestra Op. 34

Carl Maria von Weber: clarinet concerto Nr. 1 in f Moll Op. 73 & Nr. 2 in Eb-major Op. 74

Charles Marie Widor: introduction and rondo (arr. Jelle Tassyns)


chamber music


with Paloma Kouider

Gabriel Pierné (1863-1937) Canzonetta Op. 19
Claude Debussy (1862-1918) Première rhapsodie
Kaaija Saariaho (1952) Duft
Francis Poulenc (1899-1963) Sonate pour clarinette et piano

Camille Saint-Saens (1835-1921) Sonate pour clarinette et piano Op. 167
Mel Bonis (1858-1937) aus “Femmes de légende”
– Mélisande opus 109
– Salomé opus 100
Charles Marie Widor (1844-1937) Introduction et Rondo



with Severin von Eckardstein, piano


Robert Schumann (1810-1856) Drei Romanzen Op. 94 
Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) Sonate für Klavier und Klarinette Op. 120/1

Robert Schumann (1810-1856) Fantasiestücke Op. 73
Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) Sonate für Klavier und Klarinette Op. 120/2

with Yannick Van de Velde

Claude Debussy (1862-1918) Première rhapsodie
Magnus Lindberg (1958) Acequia Madre (2012) for clarinet and piano
Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) Sonate op 120/2 E-flat Major

Alban Berg (1885 – 1935) 4 Stücke
Mieczyslaw Weinberg (1919 – 1996) Sonata for piano and clarinet




CAROUSEL Chamber Music Ensemble

BREEZE Woodwind Quintet

Karenin Trio, Amatis Trio
Quatuor Danel, Quatuor Van Kuijk, Schumann Quartet, Aris Quartet, Zemlinsky Quartet